Game industry surpasses that of cinema

The way we choose our entertainment has been changing, today we have quality and investment in several sectors, especially after 2000 with the evolution of web 2.0 we have streamings of the most varied, from video to music and ease of going to the cinema and of course the game industry that also needed to reinvent itself and with this an evolution that has generated billionaire results.

Games and cinema have always been in a great battle: gigantic productions, millionaire investments, renowned professionals to compose the team and a great global release besides specific events and especially in the last decade the “videogame” that resurfaces with an incredible strength has been counting on bigger and bigger investments and with recognition by the high number of registered players in the most varied styles and formats. According to the infographic produced by the Betway Casino online roulette site team that you can see below, the gaming industry has been stagnating and earning billions, one of the games that we can cite as an example is the dear Fortnite that in 2019 earned US$ 1. 8 billion dollars surpassing the Black Panther movie that in the previous year in 2018 invoiced US$ 1.3 billion, researching a little more, we can also point out the controversial game GTA V that sold more than 11 million copies in the first 24 hours of its release alone and US$ 815 million in its first day.

These data, or better numbers, allow us to have access to a huge range of global work opportunities and other sectors beyond entertainment such as education that has been using gambling processes to bring innovation and active methodologies into the classroom. Sales of games in March due to this moment of pandemic we are experiencing reached US$ 1.6 billion, a number 35% higher than that collected in the same period of 2019, according to NPD. Looking a bit at history, this revolution begins in 1962 when Slug Russel, Wayne Witanen and Martin Graetz created the first game for computers and of course without forgetting the cinema that many years before in 1895, opened doors to a future of economic and social development.

Speaking also about this comparison between cinema and games, an interesting factor is also the fact that Hollywood actors participate in games either in dubbing or as characters, which increasingly distances the idea that games are for children or with childish characteristics, For this investment of realistic and fluid illustrations are one of the differentials, finally, the video game industry is undoubtedly the biggest in entertainment, to the point that Netflix affirms that its biggest competitor was Fornite which has more than 200 million registered players, surpassing Netflix with approximately 139 million. Below are more infographic data showing the incredible numbers of this industry that involves us so much.

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